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Research |Branding

Big Move is a residential real estate brand based out of North India. Our challenge was to define the Brand Identity & communication strategy with a comprehensive visual language & brochure design to keep the target audience informed.


Dr. Reddy's Nutrition

Research |Website

Dr Reddy's Nutrition is a one-stop shop for all of your nutritional requirements. Our challenge is to design solutions by offering simplified nutrition products that are based on reliable science and optimising nutrition with innovation.


Mobile App |Website

An application that allows sports fans to book their chosen venue and play whenever they want. Our focus was to build a platform that would enable users to swiftly book and play.


Bakers Junction


Bakers Junction is a one-stop shop for baking supplies and raw materials for the baking group. Our role was to help the brand connect with the baker community while also redesigning its visual identity.


Allegiance by Damac

Research |Mobile App

Allegiance, Dubai's fastest-growing advisory firm, provides comprehensive international real estate investment advice. Our task was to create a platform that allows users to buy, lease, and develop the interiors of exclusive real estate.

Pet Shoppe

Research |Website

A gurgaon-based Pet shoppe is an ecosystem that provides high-quality pet products and curates content for informed consumers. Our job was to identify and categorize UX problems involving large amounts of information.


Real Learning Questt

Research |Mobile App |Website |

A cutting-edge learning tool called Questt empowers students by guiding them through their journey with the help of AI. Our goal was to make the digital experience more enjoyable for users and give a user-friendly interface for both teachers and students.


Research |Mobile App |Website

HarborMoor is the first online directory for boat owners within, and across, harbors in the USA. Our job was to rework the UI/UX of the current website, simplify the information architecture, and redesign the UI in line with modern trends.



Research |Website

Hoopr is a platform where you can download premium Indian music. Our task was to design the platform in such a way that the user gets high-quality premium Indian tracks that helps with engagement on the videos, scenes, and campaigns.


Tconsulta provides an online counseling service with the goal of fostering the growth of an organizational culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing. Our role was to establish their brand identity, which included logo & typography, and color styles.

Research |Website

World's largest positive & solutions-based, content-driven impact platform. Our job was to rework the UI/UX of the current website, simplify the information architecture, and redesign the UI in line with modern trends.


Mobile App

VegEase is the best online fruits and vegetable shopping & delivery App Our challenge was to improve the app's current user experience, solve user flow issues, and redesign the interface for a seamless experience.


XTRA fitness

Research |Mobile App |Website

XTRA is a tel fitness platform with best-in-class technologies for trainers. Our task was to create strong communities that inspire and motivate each other to reach their goals through an outstanding digital experience.